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What is an artist

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How can I support artists?



Ok, so you are a pirate, who want to change, and support your artists instead. Because I know, if you were a consumer of art, you wouldn't be reading this.

There are several ways you now can support your artists. The stuff you've downloaded through the internet through various sites, it is probably a lot. So don't break the bank, just pay for what you really like. The stuff you really enjoyed, the movies, the games, the music, go to your local store and ask your retailer for it. Not only do you know that you have done a good thing, and now supported the artists who made what you love most. But you have also earned the right to own a physical copy of art, which you can do with what you will. This is truly the art in which the artist wanted you to have it, and in return you gave back to the artist.

Doesn't that feel nice? Yeah, it did didn't it :D

When you consume, everybody wins. When you steal, nobody wins in the end.


Piracy KILLS artists