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What is an artist

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Piracy is the term which has been given those people that steal. Yes, steal something that doesn't belong to them, without giving something back to the artist.

Currency has been a technology which has been available for quite some time. It is genius! Currency has made it possible to use money, to get something in return, instead of trading in our belongings for the thing we want or need. The idea is that, we have a job, and in that job we get paid for the job we do. This money we use for our own survival, our own consumption, and luxury. This to reward ourselves for the hard work we have done.

With artists it is a different matter. They do not have a job like we do. Instead, they have devoted themself to making art, and making that their job. What happens then is that they need money so they can survive, and continue to produce art that we love to watch, listen to, play.

Piracy, with the rise of internet, has made it impossible for artists to make a living on their art. This makes them go back to the work that people in general have, but can they make art? No. A society need people emplyed to make the society go round. But a society also needs culture, and a culture is greatly enhanced by the artists which fuel it.

So now you know the basics of what piracy is.

Piracy is stealing.

Stealing is wrong.

And therefore stealing is a crime.


Piracy KILLS artists