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What is an artist

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Being a consumer is a positive thing. To "consume" means to use, or in today's society it should mean something else as well.

Currency gave our civilization something wonderful. Instead of trading in items for something we wanted, we got jobs which gave us currency, or money. We get money from our jobs that we do, and this we spend on whatever we feel is right to spend it on. An artist, will not have a job of any kind, because his or her's lifework is in their art that they create for us to enjoy. So it is important that we pay for what artists produce. Because they have no other form of income. Who want to work for free? Do you know anybody? Artists are forced back to normal work, killing their desire to create art, and an artist is lost.

When you are a consumer, you pay for what you use and enjoy.. You go to the store, and buy your movies, games, and or music. This gives artists the pay they not only deserve but have a right to get. This should be oldschool knowledge for most people, but the internet has made it alright to steal the work of artists without pay. This must stop!


Piracy KILLS artists